• Burger with fries
  • Dessert, chocolate on top
  • Tables ready for guests
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About Us

Ya know that kind of place that just feels like home right from the start? Where the people, the vibe, and the comfort food all say, “Hey, come on in. Stay awhile.”

Whether it's burgers and beer before the game. A fresh, handmade meal on a Tuesday after work. Or cocktails with friends by the patio fire. Moran's warm and inviting décor, cozy corners, and the relaxed atmosphere always seem to be exactly what everyone needs.


A great bar should have a great story. Ours begins with a ruthless Chicago mob boss who spent a decade behind bars in this very spot - home of the former Ohio penitentiary. Incarcerated three times before his 21st birthday, George "Bugs" Moran became one of the most prolific career criminals of the Prohibition era. Known for being crazy, ("buggy") Bugs was a vindictive ticking time bomb who went after anyone who dared cross him. He was the father of the drive-by shooting and the head of one of the most prominent gangs in Chicago, and most importantly, he was Al Capone's most heinous rival...